The Show

Magic for the modern child.
Let’s face it, organising your kids birthday party can be quite a challenge. The food is the easy bit, but get the entertainment wrong and you’re in for a tough time.

Martin the Magician provides Magic for the modern child. Understanding that today’s child has a different world than that of their parents has helped  Martin to create a modern, fast paced show.
Built on the foundations of good old slap stick and comedy but given an upbeat twist with music and sound effects, the show engages and encourages all the children to take part and have a really special party.

What’s in the show?
With the help of his two magical friends, Snowy the Rabbit and felix the invisible Fly, he will take you on a journey of wonder, packed full of surprises, during his one hour show. 

To squeals of delight from his young audience, things change place, vanish, reappear and grow in size in a manner that’s guaranteed to bring laughter and smiles to the faces of all who see him perform.

Martin’s Family magic show plays from three to twelve year old’s and for the adults as well.
The show plays on two levels, entertaining the adults with some cool magic and hilarious sight gags with funny props. This keeps the adults interested and gives the show a more rounded feel.

Many adults say that they enjoy the show as much as the kids.
This show is ideal for Communions and Confirmations, Wedding’s, Christening’s, in fact any family gathering.

The Props.
Everything from a Colouring book to Rubber chickens, handcuffs, lipstick and even a dancing frog. Well not quite a dancing frog. Martin has invented an array of gadget’s and gizmo’s which will fascinate and entertain the kids throughout his show.